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B&B Pharmacy is independently owned by Ahmad Adami, Doctor of Pharmacy of Spring Hill, TN. Ahmad started B&B Pharmacy in 2010 with the intention of changing the pharmacy world.

We believe in focusing on what is the most important aspect in the pharmaceutical world, our patients, and strive to provide professional, fast and friendly services from our family as well as offering free delivery. Ahmad's mission when establishing this pharmacy in Maury County, Tennessee was to break the negative and dishonest stigma set by profit driven corporate pharmacies and medical companies. Our family is not bound to corporate policies and this allows for superb service and prices tailored to the needs of our patients.

B&B Pharmacy is a family that cares. We offer compounding services for patients with medication needs that surpass normal prescription requirements. Special needs children and adults, diabetics, those who cannot take medicines orally, elderly patients, and especially individuals with allergies to dyes or certain medicines. Compounding assists with those who get an upset stomach, children who need flavored medicine, changing the dosage and strength of certain medicines as well as customizing medicines that may have been discontinued or not commercially available. There are only about 7,500 compounding pharmacies out of the 56,000 community based pharmacies in the United States, and B&B Pharmacy being one of them.

Our mission to enhance the wellness of others includes several services that other pharmacies do not offer including compounding, free delivery (including over the counter medications) and this is for those parents withsick children, special needs patients, elderly patients who just cannot get out and differently abled patients who cannot make it out to the pharmacy. For additional support, we offer a 24-hour emergency prescription service, meaning that our family will be there for you to fill and deliver medications at any hour of the night. This is the difference in customer service that has truly amazed our patients, especially when they have had to deal with corporate chain pharmacies that only view you as a number.

B&B Pharmacy, located at 5407 Main St in Spring Hill, TN is also a certified postal service. We offer FedEx and USPS shipping including envelopes, boxes, tape, wrapping paper, stamps and all of your shipping needs. Our pharmacy has very unique locally crafted handmade gifts, clothing, holiday cards and gifts for special occasions as well as over the counter (OTC) medicines and first aid supplies. We offer household items for your convenience, food and drinks as well. Durable medical equipment such as knee braces, back braces, ankle braces, ankle wraps, ACE bandages and wraps, cold compress and other first aid supplies, wheelchairs, crutches, juvenile/child crutches, potty chairs, wound care, blood pressure cuffs, diabetic supplies, and so much more. Don't see it in the store? Ask one of our staff members and we will make sure to take care of you.

We became the only pharmacy and business within Maury County and the midstate to serve as Reward CBD's partner. We offer a full line of CBD products including full spectrum and THC free CBD oils with varying strengths and dosage. CBD oils, tinctures, salves, and much more for your healing needs. We even have CBD oil for your pets, because just like your family, our family loves animals and pets like little furry family members. We have trained and highly educated pharmacists and staff educated on the effects and benefits of hemp derived CBD products. All of our CBD products are sourced right here in Tennesse, because as a small and independently owned business, we support other local businesses as they have families to think about as well.

Since 2010 our family here at B&B Pharmacy has been going above and beyond to help those in need. Our prices are the best around and our service cannot be matched by any pharmacy or medical company. Your wellness and your family's health is our top priority, so give us a call, have your doctor send over your prescriptions or just stop by and say hello as we are always happy to see you. From our family to yours, thank you for your support and we look forward to helping each and every person we can."

Meet Our Family


Ahmad Adhami - Pharmacist and Owner

Ahmad started B&B Pharmacy in 2010 in Spring Hill, TN following a lifetime of hard work. This includes attending and even being a professor at Samford University in Alabama. Ahmad worked 80-100 hour weeks saving up for his passion, a pharmacy that he could utilize his compounding skills and love for others to provide an amazing company for the residents in Tennessee. Ahmad lives in Spring Hill with his wife and two children, his wife, Sharon Adhami, OD an optometrist in Spring Hill as well. Ahmad's years with B&B Pharmacy has impacted the lives of many as he has went above and beyond for the wellness of his patients. He hopes to continue spreading love and wellness to anyone he can by providing an efficient, friendly and dedicated pharmacy experience to every single person that walks through his doors. Ahmad still smiles every morning, as he dedicates countless hours to B&B Pharmacy even after 10 years of complete dedication and loyalty to his community.


Kelly Foster - PharmD

My name is Kelly Foster. I am a pharmacist at B&B Pharmacy. I started coming to B&B in 2011 to shadow Ahmad as I had dreams of becoming a pharmacist one day. I have been working at the pharmacy ever since in various roles including technician, intern, and eventually becoming a pharmacist in 2017. My family moved to Spring Hill in 1994 when I was a young child and I have been able to watch this community blossom and grow into this amazing place it is today. My husband and I are currently raising our daughter in Maury County just like we were raised here too. I love working at B&B Pharmacy because here there people that walk through those doors every day aren’t just customers, they are family.

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Paul Neun, Medication Therapy Management Team

Paul is a retired clinical pharmacist from Maury Regional Hospital, has retail experience of 16 years as an independent pharmacy co-owner. Paul was also a hospital staff pharmacist for 9 years, has 10 years experience as a clinical pharmacist, and was a nursing home clinical pharmacist for 16 years. Paul is our newest pharmacist, joining our B&B team to help with our Medication Therapy Management and Adherence Programs.

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Michael, Delivery driver

Michael is our Delivery driver.