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Long wait times, poor customer service, and medication errors, have ruined the reputations of most corporate pharmacies. They have become disrespected and dreaded by the general public. Doctor of Pharmacy, Ahmad Adhami, was well aware of these stigmas when he began this profession. The misconceived ideas of the pharmacy experience and dishonor customers receive drove Ahmad to focus on what are the most important aspects to the pharmacy field. Ahmad brings back exceptional customer service with professional, fast, and friendly associates and free delivery to most customers. His mission is to provide specialized pharmaceutical care with superb customer service by working with patients and their health care professionals.

B&B Pharmacy is independently owned and therefore not bound by corporate policy. Ahmad and his associates keep close working relationships with local doctors and nurses to make sure prescriptions are appropriate for patients’ medical conditions, including medications that require custom compounding (special medications that are not available in retail pharmacies). B&B and patients’ physicians will help patients to decrease their medication costs by choosing alternative medications with ultimately the same outcome as the initial prescription. For parents with sick children, Ahmad has eliminated the need to bring them to the pharmacy. Patients simply ask their doctor to fax the prescription to B&B Pharmacy where they happily fill and deliver the medications. This service includes any over-the-counter medications. As an additional convenience to his customers Ahmad offers 24-hour emergency prescription service, meaning he will personally fill and deliver medications at any hour of the night. Customers are amazed at the difference in service when compared to the corporate chain pharmacies.